Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI Wilmington

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Delaware is an academic cooperative for adults 50 and over to enjoy classes, teach, exchange ideas, and travel together. Instructors teach subjects they love to students who are there for the love of learning!

Benefits of OLLI membership…

  • Intellectual and cultural exploration
  • Social interaction and camaraderie among peers
  • No exams or grades
  • Enjoy learning for fun and enrichment

Happening at OLLI Wilmington

Spring Semester: Feb. 10-May 15, 2020

Travel opportunities for OLLI members

Jan. 7: Open House for Real Estate and Retirement Professionals

OLLI members invited to Special Events Wednesdays!

Gift certificates available

How to join…

  1. Become an OLLI member for one or two semesters at a time, and then
  2. Sign up for five classes per semester—and unlimited extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities!

What members say…

  • Great camaraderie“OLLI is a celebration with many ‘wow’ moments, great camaraderie, knowledgeable instructors and shared laughter and memories.”
  • Love of learning“None of my former teachers living or dead would be likely to describe me as a highly motivated student. They should see me now: I never thought I could love school this much.”
  • Rewards of giving back“The rewards for volunteering are adding more to my life than a bank could hold.”
  • Why not!“Continuing education, a quest for knowledge and curiosity have always been priorities for me. At my age, I am often asked, ‘Why are you still a student?’ My answer is, ‘Why not?’”