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Save the date for OLLI Spring 2024, classes start in February!

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Still time to join us for October-November classes! Late registration and drop/add is now available for courses with open seats in OLLI’s second five-week session taking place Oct. 17–Nov. 20. Click here to register now!

  • Fall 2023 drop/add and late registration OLLI classes starting the week of Sept. 5 was available Aug. 23-Sept. 20.
  • The OLLI Fall 2023 printed catalog represents the most up-to-date schedule and course information as of July 14, 2023. Updates and additional details are included in the Schedule by Day, Catalog Addendum, and Course Syllabus.
  • August 3-17 — Priority registration was available Thursday, Aug. 3 at 11 a.m., through 4 p.m. on Thursday, August 17. All registrations are received as class requests into a lottery system to ensure fairness in allocation of classes. Late registration and drop/add will be available during August 23-September 20 on a first-come first-served basis. 
  • UD OLLI Fall 2023 membership — $260 (all participants, unlimited class selections)
    • The UD OLLI single-fee registration of $260 includes unlimited enrollment in any combination of in-person and online classes, including all UD OLLI locations throughout Delaware.
    • The 2023-24 annual membership fee, which includes fall and spring semesters, is $500.  
  • A few classes may have an additional fee noted in the course, for supplies or for special partnership programs. There is no cost for parking at UD OLLI locations.
  • Financial assistance is available. Learn more by completing the online form, or contacting any UD OLLI office.
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT OLLI! Current members who refer a friend are eligible to receive a membership discount next semester! Click here for details or to submit the Refer-a-Friend online form.

How OLLI registration works

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Registration How-To: Step by Step

Priority registration period is noncompetitive — During priority registration, registrations are received as class requests into a lottery system to ensure fairness in allocation of classes. Course selection and availability is not first-come, first-served. When demand exceeds availability in popular courses, the allocation process takes into account a variety of factors, including the priority a registrant assigned to the course. After the priority registration period closes, registration is unavailable until the late registration and drop/add period opens, at which time late registrations and drop/add are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Using the online registration system — Registration takes place primarily online. Prior OLLI members who used our Fall 2021 online registration system should sign into the online registration system with their existing username and password. New OLLI members, or those who have not registered since Fall 2021 must create a new registration account. Click here for more details about how to register online —

Scholarship and Financial Assistance — If you, or someone you know, would benefit from partial financial assistance please contact any of our offices. Our financial assistance process is simple, protects your privacy and is enthusiastically supported by fellow OLLI members who want to make sure the program is always accessible. Inquiries are confidential. You can start the process now by contacting any UD OLLI office or by completing the online form:

In-person registration assistance Limited in-person registration will be provided at all OLLI locations. Please contact us for details about in-person registration assistance, click here for contact information.

Registering for in-person classes?

Vaccines strongly recommendedThe University of Delaware and the OLLI program are committed to hosting in-person programs in a safe, healthy environment. It is strongly recommended that all OLLI in-person participants remain up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination. Mask wearing is optional but encouraged. Guidelines are subject to change in accordance with current UD health guidelines. For details, visit UD OLLI In-person Participation Guidelines

Refund and drop/add

  • Beginning in the first week of classes, a process will be made available for:
    • Dropping and/or adding classes to your existing registration 
    • Requesting a refund, if applicable 
    • Late registration for courses with available seats (if you haven’t already registered) 
  • Requests for refund for membership or class fees may generally be made through the first week of classes.
  • Refunds are not guaranteed and will be subject to review.
  • Refunds are subject to a $5 administrative fee.