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Zoom videoconferencing support

Free support and training!

Members planning to attend UD OLLI Online are encouraged to complete at least one Zoom Basics training session prior to the start of the semester. If you are considering joining us or want to see what all the technology offers, join in and check it out! All training sessions are FREE!

OLLI Zoom training overview

  • Small training groups! No registration is required.
  • Device-specific support – Customized training will be specific for a variety of devices, covering the basics of using Zoom to ensure everyone can have a good user and class experience.
  • Training Sessions will cover:
    • Downloading the Zoom App
    • Joining a Zoom meeting
    • Understanding the Zoom screen and controls
    • Turning video on and off
    • Muting and unmuting yourself
    • Seeing Participants in the meeting
    • Changing your name
    • Chatting to ask questions or make comments
    • Using a Reaction – ex. thumbs up or clap
  • Questions about Zoom training? Please contact Tim Ward at trward@udel.edu.
  • Instructor training sessions covering advanced Zoom functions will be offered separately; instructors should watch their inboxes for their invitations to those custom sessions.


Attend a free Zoom training session

No Registration Required! Classes are specific to the platform you will be using such as PC, Mac, laptop, iPad or iPhone

Choose a day and time specific to your platform and just click on the appropriate link below about 5 minutes before the stated time. The links will not be activated until shortly before the class time. Additional training times/dates will be added weekly.


Best practices for using Zoom

  • Find a quiet well-lit room
  • Turn on your devices and make sure you are connected to the Internet before joining meeting
  • Class sessions are open 15 minutes before class starts
  • Join early to make sure everything is working
  • Mute when not speaking
  • Background noise can be disruptive
  • Do not use multiple devices to Zoom in the same area
  • Turn off video if you are not attentive or there are distractions (pets, etc.)
  • Remember: When the video is on, everyone can see you.
  • Keep all the links and passwords for your classes organized and readily accessible.
  • This makes getting into your class easier and reentering your class quicker if you get bumped off.
  • Current class schedule links are sent out at the beginning of the week via email.
  • Use PC, Mac, laptop or tablet if possible.
  • Smartphones may not provide the best experience.
  • Test audio and video ahead of time, one option is: https://zoom.us/test
  • LEARN MORE — Technology FAQs

If you have any questions regarding UD OLLI Online, please email OLLI-online@udel.edu.