Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

UD OLLI Online

Technology considerations

Technical considerations for online learning

We look forward to your participation in UD OLLI Online. Please keep in mind the following tips when signing up for courses:

  • Check your technology needs and internet access before registering.
    • A computer or other device (laptop, iPad, iOS or Android phone) is required in order to participate in this online program, preferably with a camera and microphone.
    • A reliable internet connection is critical for class participation.
    • Refunds will not be issued for personal technology malfunctions.
    • For details, visit Zoom.com, the free online meeting/videoconferencing platform we will use and review the system requirements.
    • LEARN MORE — Technology FAQs
  • Take advantage of free Zoom training with our staff and volunteers.
  • Plan for a realistic online learning schedule. Online classes require significant attention and can be less effective and enjoyable as you tire. Although our online class periods are separated by 15-minute breaks, we recommend minimizing the number of consecutive classes on your schedule.