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Thank you OLLI instructors & volunteers!

The UD OLLI Online program relies on your dedication and your commitment to share your knowledge and passion with fellow members. You are what keeps us going, and we are grateful to you!

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UDel email and Zoom Pro for OLLI instructors (free)

All UD OLLI Online classes will be taught virtually, using UDel Zoom Pro through a udel.edu email account. This account is a benefit of OLLI membership, but all instructors and co-instructors must apply for and configure your accounts before your course will be added to the schedule. To apply for a udel.edu account, please contact Brian Medina at bmedina@udel.edu.

Already have a udel.edu account? Log in now to configure your UDel Zoom Pro and assign privileges to the OLLI Online Meeting Coordinator to set up the Zoom meetings for your classes on your behalf:

  1. Visit (or type) https://udel.zoom.us/ in your web browser and press Enter.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. Log in using your UD credentials.
  4. Click the Settings menu on the left, and scroll almost all the way down to the Other…Schedule Privilege
  5. Click the plus sign (+) to the right of Assign scheduling privilege to, type OLLIOnline-MeetingCoordinator@udel.edu, and click the Assign button
  6. Current instructors who have already configured their UDel Zoom Pro accounts and have assigned privileges may simply indicate this on the course proposal when prompted.

Tips and processes for OLLI online instructors

UD OLLI Online class recordings

UD OLLI Online Policy Regarding Recording of Classes

  • The Distance Viewing Team will record select classes to upload to the OLLI distance-viewing site. The selected classes will be announced in the OLLI Statewide Update emails, and links to those classes will be shared with registered members as they become available.
  • Members may not record any class at any time.
  • Instructors may record classes for their own use (such as reviewing their own performance) as long as they notify the class ahead of time.
  • Instructors may record their own classes to share with members of the class upon request (such as if a member misses a class), at their own discretion.
  • Instructors who choose to record their classes as outlined above must inform their class members before recording begins, and then re-state for the record once they begin to record.
  • Recording as outlined above is solely at the discretion of the instructor. No instructor will be required to record any class.
  • Other than the Distance Viewing Team, no one may record a course for later sharing outside the OLLI Online program without the prior knowledge and consent of the program managers.