Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

UD OLLI Online

General Information

About OLLI

The University of Delaware’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute programs  – affectionately nicknamed “OLLI” – are volunteer-based learning cooperatives for adults to take and teach classes together with no grades, exams or educational prerequisites, with locations across Delaware. Click here to learn more about UD’s OLLI programs.

About UD OLLI Online

UD OLLI Online is a statewide virtual program designed to bring together OLLI members from UD’s OLLI programs throughout the state, and is open both to new and returning OLLI members. Through the UD OLLI Online program, participants can experience the benefits of lifelong learning at home and connect with a vibrant community of adult learners at the OLLI Wilmington and OLLI Kent-Sussex programs. Click here to learn more about UD OLLI Online.

Technology considerations

Participation in UD OLLI Online requires a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone and reliable Internet connection. Familiarity with the online Zoom meeting platform is also required, however, free training will be provided by the UD OLLI Online team! Click here to learn more about technology considerations for UD OLLI Online.

Registering for UD OLLI Online

First-come, first-served registration takes place online only. Past OLLI membership is not required to register for UD OLLI Online — both new and returning OLLI  participants are invited! Click here to learn more about registration and fees.

University of Delaware policies

UD OLLI members must comply with University of Delaware policies, including those that prohibit sales or solicitations (except for designated activities where they are specifically permitted); sexual harassment; or disruptive behavior.

OLLI is not affiliated with any religious or political organization, nor does OLLI endorse or promote any political or religious viewpoints.

OLLI instructors are volunteers, experts and enthusiasts who are committed to teaching and sharing their knowledge and passions. Their opinions or perspectives are their own and not the opinions or positions of the OLLI program or of the University of Delaware.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a program of the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies of the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware reserves the right to refuse for good and sufficient reasons enrollment of any applicant and/or member.