Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Fall 2021 in-person participation guidelines

FALL 2021 UD Vaccination Requirement

Submitting your vaccination documents

UD OLLI vaccination requirement FAQ


UD vaccination requirement

All undergraduate, graduate, professional/continuing education, and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) students who will be on UD campuses or at any UD OLLI location this fall are required to be fully immunized against COVID-19 before their arrival to campus. Students can request religious or medical exemptions. Please visit the Fall 2021 Vaccination Requirement FAQ for details.

Daily requirements for in-person class participation:

Unvaccinated participants 

OLLI locations open for classes only

  • All locations — OLLI buildings and classrooms are open for members, instructors and volunteers primarily to attend classes.
    • No social activities or concerts are planned for the fall.
    • Space is not available for members to Zoom or participate in online classes from within UD-OLLI facilities.
    • To prevent crowding, members should not plan to remain on site after class unless they are scheduled for another class in the next time block.
    • Members should arrive no more than 15 minutes early for class.
  • Arsht Hall specifically —
    • The UDairy Cafe will not operate during the fall session; only the snack and drink vending machines will be available in the building. Room 105 is not available for lunch seating.
    • All classes will be held on the first floor of the building to avoid elevator use, as noted in the schedule and catalog. The second floor will be closed to members.

Detailed in-person participation guidelines — OLLI Fall 2021

OLLI members and participants must agree to adhere to the following guidelines in order to participate in OLLI’s in-person offerings.

The UD OLLI in-person participation guidelines are based on protocols set by the University of Delaware Provost’s Office in cooperation with the UD Healthcare Advisory Committee. Our participation guidelines are focused on supporting our twin priorities of reinstating in-person participation while ensuring the health and safety of the OLLI community.

  • COVID-19 vaccination is REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION in Fall 2021 in-person classes. Medical and religious exemptions will be permitted. Please visit the Fall 2021 Vaccination Requirement FAQ for details.
  • UD Daily Health Check online survey —  All OLLI attendees, volunteers and staff attendees must complete UD’s online “UD Daily Health Check” webform on each day of class attendance, and may be requested to provide proof of completion before admittance to the on-site program.
  • Face coverings — updated 8/6/2021 — Wear a mask for all indoor activities. OLLI attendees, volunteers and staff are expected to wear face coverings, except while inside their personal vehicle. Disposable masks will be provided if an attendee has forgotten to bring a mask.
  • Social distancing (3 feet) Whenever possible, OLLI attendees, volunteers and staff should follow 3-feet social distancing while on site. No physical contact should be made among any OLLI students, instructors, volunteers or staff.
  • Health and safety —  OLLI staff and volunteers will monitor and assist with health and safety protocols.
    • Hand sanitizer will be made available at each site or activity.
    • OLLI course participants, instructors and volunteers may be requested to assist with routine cleaning procedures with OLLI-supplied disinfectant wipes before or after use of tables and chairs for their class.
  • Special programs
    • Non-UD locations Activities at off-site locations must meet the partner organization’s requirements or UD OLLI protocols. Details will be provided for classes taking place at non-UD/OLLI partner sites.
  • COVID-19 symptoms or illness
    • OLLI participants, volunteers and staff are requested to remain at home if they are experiencing any common COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Any in-person participant who receives a positive COVID test result within 14 days of participation will notify the OLLI Manager indicating the type of COVID-19 test, date tested and a list of in-person OLLI activities attended and the dates of each. The OLLI Manager will submit the information and the participant’s contact information to UD, or will submit UD’s contact tracing webform on behalf of the participant.
  • Compliance is a requirement of participation Registrants who do not adhere to the policies as agreed will not be permitted to participate in the activities and programs on campus. Registration in any OLLI courses or activities may be suspended following lack of adherence to policies.
  • Cancellations or format changes
    • Course offerings and course format are subject to change.
    • Protocols and guidelines may be subject to change if University of Delaware or state health recommendations change.

Music performance protocols

These protocols have been published by the UD School of Music, informed by the most recent studies conducted on the behavior of the virus during music making activities. 

Protocol by Instrument Group for Fully Vaccinated Individuals

  • Percussion, Piano, Strings
    • Follow above guidelines for in-person participation. No special considerations.
  • Voice
      • 3 feet minimum distance if mask is worn (i.e. ensemble singing)
      • 6 feet minimum if unmasked for singing/mask immediately when not singing
      • Ensemble conductor need not mask if standing a minimum of 6 feet from singers
      • Singing at 3 feet minimum distance, no mask required
  • Brass/Winds
      • 3 feet minimum distance
      • Instrumentalist masks required (slitted masks for playing)
      • Bell covers required when applicable
      • Empty spit valve on absorbent surface and dispose of this
      • 3 feet minimum distance/no mask required

Arsht Hall — additional considerations

  • Music stands will be provided in each room. Members are responsible for cleaning/sanitizing stands before and after use and returning the stands to the racks after use.
  • Two lavalier (lapel) microphones will be provided in each room. They are not to be passed around among members and are not intended for performance use. Instructors and members may bring their own microphones for individual use during class, but no technical support for non-OLLI equipment will be provided.
  • Room setup is the responsibility of the instructors and members; rooms should be returned to their original state after class. Arsht Hall staff may provide basic assistance if time permits.
  • The 30-minute gap between classes allows 15 minutes for the exiting class to clean up and leave the room and 15 minutes for the incoming class to setup.
  • Instructors and class members are asked to be respectful of their fellow members in adhering to these time limits.