Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

UD OLLI in-person participation guidelines

Vaccines required; masks encouraged

The University of Delaware and the OLLI program are committed to hosting in-person programs in a safe, healthy environment. All OLLI in-person participants must provide one-time proof of full vaccination in order to attend in-person OLLI classes.

  • Vaccine plus one booster required — OLLI members are required to provide evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination series plus one booster.
  • Masks strongly encouraged — While masks are no longer required at this time, we strongly encourage members to continue to wear them at their discretion.
    • Masks are available at all OLLI locations.
    • Music performance classes (updated 12-15-2022) — Due to the nature of the activity, instructors in musical performance classes may, at their discretion, require continuing COVID safety precautions such as using bell covers and wearing instrument-specific masks when participating in these classes; participants are asked to comply in the spirit of respect and cooperation.
  • Wear your current semester nametag — Your current OLLI nametag must be visible at all times while on-site at an OLLI location.
  • Attendance consideration — Members should refrain from attending in-person activities or classes if they feel ill.
  • Guidelines are subject to change in accordance with current UD health guidelines.

Additional details:

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Detailed in-person participation guidelines

OLLI members and participants must agree to adhere to the following guidelines in order to participate in OLLI’s in-person offerings.

The UD OLLI in-person participation guidelines are based on protocols set by the University of Delaware Provost’s Office in cooperation with the UD Healthcare Advisory Committee. Our participation guidelines are focused on supporting our twin priorities of facilitating in-person participation while ensuring the health and safety of the OLLI community.

  • COVID-19 vaccination is REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION at OLLI in-person classes and activities. Medical and religious exemptions will be permitted. Please visit the UD OLLI Vaccination Requirement FAQ for details.
  • Health and safety —  OLLI staff and volunteers will monitor and assist with health and safety protocols.
    • Hand sanitizer is available at each site or activity.
    • OLLI course participants, instructors and volunteers may be requested to assist with routine cleaning procedures with OLLI-supplied disinfectant wipes before or after use of tables and chairs for their class.
  • Special programs
    • Non-UD locations Activities at off-site locations must meet the partner organization’s requirements or UD OLLI protocols. Details will be provided for classes taking place at non-UD/OLLI partner sites.
  • COVID-19 symptoms or illness
    • OLLI participants, volunteers and staff are requested to remain at home if they are experiencing any common COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Any in-person participant who receives a positive COVID test result within 48 hours of attending an in-person OLLI event or class, will notify the OLLI office as soon as possible, indicating the type of COVID-19 test, date tested and a list of in-person OLLI activities attended and the dates of each.
    • In accordance with current guidance from the CDC and Delaware Division of Public Health, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are requested to isolate for five full days, plus wear a mask for five additional days. For current details visit UD’s COVID-19 information website
  • Compliance is a requirement of participation Registrants, visitors, volunteers or instructors who do not adhere to the policies as agreed will not be permitted to participate in the activities and programs on campus. Registration in any OLLI courses or activities may be suspended following lack of adherence to policies.
  • Cancellations or format changes
    • Course offerings and course format are subject to change.
    • Protocols and guidelines may be subject to change if University of Delaware or state health recommendations change.

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Unvaccinated participants 

  • Must have an approved exemption — review the UD OLLI Vaccination Requirement FAQ for details.
  • Must wear mask at all times and maintain 3-feet social distancing.
  • Must provide documentation of weekly negative COVID-19 testing.

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UD OLLI Vaccination Requirement — FAQ

Are OLLI members, instructors, and guests required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

All UD or OLLI participants or guests who will be on-site at UD or OLLI locations must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate or attend. All OLLI members, staff, instructors and visitors to UD’s OLLI locations are required to comply. This includes all UD campuses; all OLLI locations in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties; as well as all UD OLLI classes/events at off-campus locations. Exemptions will be accommodated for OLLI members and instructors who cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccine for medical or religious reasons. 

How do I provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination? 

All OLLI members, instructors, staff or visitors who will be on UD campuses — including OLLI locations in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties — must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Participants must present a current COVID-19 vaccination card and photo ID to OLLI staff when they visit campus. Staff will keep a record of the verification for future visits.

How do I request an exemption from COVID-19 vaccination?

By submitting your request for medical or religious exemption, you acknowledge that in order to attend in-person OLLI courses and activities, you must obtain and submit weekly negative COVID-19 test results and adhere to all UD OLLI In-Person Participation Guidelines listed on this page.

To request a medical or religious exemption, be prepared to obtain and submit one of the following signed and dated documents:

    • Medical exemption — documentation from a licensed physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner showing patient’s name and birthdate (legibly printed) and a description of why vaccination is contraindicated.
    • Religious exemption a note stating your sincerely held religious views do not allow for vaccination. Name and date of birth must be legible.
    • To request an exemption and receive instructions on how to submit your exemption request documents, please email UD Student Health Services at studenthealth@udel.edu

Can I attend classes virtually and join in-person after my 2-week post-vaccination waiting period?

OLLI members can virtually attend classes that are offered online without being fully immunized against COVID-19. OLLI members are welcome to join in-person classes after submitting proof of full vaccination. 

If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 during the session can I get a refund?

Refunds for OLLI membership and class fees are approved in some instances, generally involving member life events that preclude them from continuing as a participant in the program.