Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI Wilmington

Who We Are

OLLI is an academic learning cooperative governed by a volunteer council elected by the OLLI membership, supported by University of Delaware staff and by a community of other OLLI volunteers.

Are you interested in volunteering? Please reach out to our Council and let us know how you would like to help, by sending an email to LLL-Council@udel.edu.


Gerri Sanchez, Chair
Glenn Rill, Executive Vice Chair
Lewis Martin Jr., Vice Chair, Academics
Rebecca Worley, Vice Chair, Membership
Phil Weinberg, Financial Officer
Judy Diner
Bob Ehrlich
Charles Johnson
Linda Julius
Rita Meek
Sharon Rosen
Karen Stanley
Donald Sturgeon
Michael Walsh
Jean Youkers
Linda Kellogg (ex-officio), Immediate Past Council Chair
Pam Meitner (ex-officio), Council Advisor
Jennifer Merrill (ex-officio), Director
Sherry Rogers (ex-officio), Secretary

University Staff

George Irvine—Associate Vice Provost, Professional and Continuing Studies
Jenna Cole—Program Coordinator, Online
Brian Medina—Technology Support Specialist II
Colleen Olexa—Administrative Assistant III
Gretchen Sailer—Office Support
Carl Snider—Audiovisual Technician
Pamela Vari—Administrative Assistant III
Tim Ward—Classroom Technology Technician III


Co-Chairs—Susan Flook and Saul Reine
(A) Art History & Appreciation—Stuart Siegell
(B) Fine Arts—Rolf Eriksen and Karen Foster; Kenneth Farrance (Emeritus)
(C )Performing Arts: Participation— Brian Hanson and Sheila Normandeau
(C) Performing Arts: Appreciation—Stuart Siegell
(D) General Studies—Rose Greer
(E) Genealogy—Linda McMeniman
(F) Culture & Social Studies— Rose Greer
(G) History: U.S.—Carolyn Stankiewicz
(G) History: Non-U.S.— Robert Ehrlich
(H) Literature—Susan Flook and Judy Diner
(IA) International Affairs— Carolyn Stankiewicz
(J) Philosophy & Religion— Susan Dagenais
(K)Writing—Ruth Flexman
(L)(M)(N) Information Technology— PC and Mobile Devices—  Anita Sterling
Information Technology—Mac—Andy Feiring
(O) Languages—Jackie Keoughan and Mary Shenvi
(P) Life Sciences—Saul Reine and Stephen Toy
(Q) Health & Wellness—Saul Reine and Stephen Toy
(Q) Health & Wellness: Tai Chi/ Yoga—Anna Marie D’Amico
(R) Physical Sciences & Math—Carolyn Stankiewicz
(S) Economics, Finance, Political Science, Law— Bruce Crawford, Eric Brucker,  Jack Schmutz (Emeritus)
(U) Community Services— Eleanor Pollak
(X) Extracurricular—Rose Greer and Gerri Sanchez

Secretary—Jean Youkers
Vice Chair, Academics (ex-officio)— Lewis Martin, Jr.
Program Coordinator, Wilmington (ex-officio)— Andrea Majewski
Program Coordinator, Online (ex-officio)— Jenna Cole
Director (ex-officio)—Jennifer Merrill

OLLI Wilmington Committees

Book Sale
Bulletin Boards/Displays
New Member Relations and Volunteer Engagement
Reception Desk
Special Event Friday
Strategic Planning
UD Collaboration
Wireless Device Registration

Are you interested in volunteering? Please reach out to our Council and let us know how you would like to help, by sending an email to LLL-Council@udel.edu.