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How to Register

Fall 2018 classes start Sept. 4

Fall Semester 2018 — Sept. 4-Dec. 7
In-Person Drop/Add, Late Registration — Aug. 28-30, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Arsht Hall
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To register for classes in UD’s Osher Lifelong Learning program in Wilmington, members join the program for one semester or two semesters at a time, and then sign up for unlimited extracurricular activities, and up to five lifelong learning courses.



  • Fall in-person registration—July 31-Aug. 3, 10 a.m.–2 p.m., Arsht Hall
  • Drop/add or late registration—Aug. 28-30, 10 a.m.–2 p.m., Arsht Hall

Catalog and registration forms

Fall 2018 catalog
UPDATED 7/20/18
Course schedule by day
UPDATED 7/20/18
Registration & selection form (2 pages) Volunteer sign-up form Parking hangtag form

About the registration process

To register for classes in UD’s Osher Lifelong Learning program in Wilmington, members join the program for one semester or two semesters at a time, specifying on that semester’s registration form the courses they’re requesting.

Click here to learn more about membership benefits in addition to the lifelong learning classes themselves.

Registration process

Mail-in registration begins as soon as the catalog is received or posted online.

  • Register in person or by mail. Review the current semester’s calendar for registration availability and deadlines. All registrations received by the Priority Registration Deadline will be included in the computer-based random course assignment process. After the computer-based random course assignments are made, mail-in registration continues for courses with openings. Letters will be mailed to registrants listing classes for which they are registered.
  • Late Registration and Drop/Add: After the priority registration period, late registrations and drop/add will take place for classes with openings. Drop/Add requests and late registrations will continue to be processed until classes with openings are filled. After the third week of classes, each instructor manages drop/add for his or her course. Inform the instructor whose class you are dropping or request permission to join a class by leaving a note in the instructor’s mail box in the Reception area.

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Membership fee

Summer 2018 membership:  $90
Fall 2018 membership: $260
Annual membership fee for 2018-19: $445  (includes fall & spring semesters, available for purchase in the fall semester only)

This fee covers up to five classes (six classes in summer), extracurricular activities, most events, and University benefits, such as library privileges. Other UD privileges are available including fitness center access and university course audit tuition remission. Expenses for trips, luncheons, books and supplies are additional. Annual membership may be purchased only at the beginning of the fall semester. Please make checks payable to the University of Delaware. Gift certificates for memberships may be purchased anytime and are available in the Office.

Instructors, as well as other volunteers, must be members. Instructors receive a $30 discount for fall or spring semesters in which they are currently teaching ($25 for Summer Session).

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Tuition assistance

Need-based partial scholarships are available. Application is confidential. Forms are available from Joni Bero in the Office (302-573-4433) for more information or to make an appointment.

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Refund requests must be made in writing before the first day of class. Parking hangtags must be returned with the written refund request. Full refunds will be granted prior to the beginning of the semester for those who find they cannot attend and those who have chosen courses that have no openings. No membership fee will be refunded because a request to audit a University course cannot be honored.

Refund requests may be submitted after the start of classes for withdrawals caused by illness, pressing family situations or other circumstances beyond a member’s control. Refund requests received after the start of the semester will be prorated based on the date that the written request and parking hangtag are received in the Office. Refund requests will be accepted only during the semester for which the refund is requested.

Refund requests will be processed as soon as administratively possible starting approximately four weeks after the beginning of the semester in fall or spring, and as soon as administratively possible in summer session. Membership fees may not be transferred to another semester.

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