Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI Dover

How to register

Fall 2019 — Bridgeville, Dover, Lewes, Ocean View — Classes held Sept. 3-Nov. 18
Spring 2020 coming soon! Classes take place Jan. 27-Apr. 6, 2020. Catalog available online Dec. 9.

To sign up for OLLI classes, join either the OLLI Dover or the OLLI Lewes/Ocean View program as your primary location, and then sign up for as many classes as you like regardless of location (Bridgeville, Dover, Lewes, Ocean View or off-site).


Visit our secure registration website. [Click here to review detailed instructions.]



Send the Membership Registration & Selection Form (2-page PDF)

Catalog and registration forms

Fall 2019 course catalog Registration & selection form (2 pages) Course schedule: BRIDGEVILLE, OCEAN VIEW (1 page) Course schedule: DOVER (1 page) Course schedule: LEWES (1 page) Scholarship application (fall and spring semesters only)

About the registration process

To register for classes in UD’s Osher Lifelong Learning program in Dover, members join the program for one semester or two semesters at a time, and then register for as many courses as they like. Click here to learn more about membership benefits in addition to the lifelong learning classes themselves.

Registration & priority guidelines

Class sizes may be limited by space and/or instructor preference. Because many classes are highly sought after, registration procedures will include the following system.

  • You may register for as many courses as you like, but please only sign up for those you intend to take—and DO NOT sign up for multiple courses in the same time slot.
  • Rank your courses in order of priority.
  • All courses have a limited number of seats, so use your priorities wisely.
  • No course assignments will be made before the priority registration deadline. After the deadline, registrations will be processed in this order:
    • First priority course selections, then second priority course selections, etc.
    • If at any point priority selections exceed available seats, assignments will be made by random draw.
      • Waiting list—Members who were not enrolled in a class during the previous semester because of over-subscription will be given preference this semester if the identical class is offered again. However, you must register for the class by the priority registration deadline and rank the class as your first priority on your registration form.
    • Registrations received after the priority deadline will be processed on a space available basis.
    • Registrations will continue to be accepted after the semester begins.

How to register online

Questions about online registration?

If you have any questions about online registration, please feel free to contact us!

See calendar for this semester’s registration opportunities and deadlines.

  1. Retrieve or create your member account
  2. How to register for a course
    • Add Dover Membership (spring or fall) to your Shopping Cart
    • Add your desired courses to the Shopping Cart
    • Pay by credit card
    • Return to “My Account” and assign Course Priorities to all the courses you’ve selected.
  3. When you’re ready, click here to visit our secure web registration site.

Fees and payment

Summer 2019:  $60
Fall 2019 (only): $175 
Fall 2019-Spring 2020: $260 [Fall and spring combined membership is available to purchase in the fall only.]

Each semester’s membership fee entitles you to take as many courses as you like in that semester, at any Kent or Sussex county UD OLLI location, or a combination.

The UD OLLI program depends almost entirely on registration fees, which are applied against operating expenses, including rent for the classroom spaces, office and classroom supplies, staff salaries and the cost of catalog printing and postage.

Financial assistance

Need-based partial scholarships are available. For scholarship information, contact the program coordinator to schedule an appointment.


Membership fees will be refunded if a request is made prior to the end of the second week of the semester. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Osher office. A $15 processing charge will be deducted from all refund requests received after the first day of classes.

Trip and activity refund requests will only be accepted prior to the event and must be submitted in writing to the Osher office. Acceptance of refund requests will be granted based on the required minimum number of participants needed to cover the costs of the event. Once Osher has made final payments for trips and activities there will be no refunds.

Refunds will take up to six weeks to process. Questions should be directed to the Osher office.